Artist impressions for our newest project in Sunshine Beach at 47 Seaview Terrace.

Architects statement – 47 Seaview Terrace. The masonry building mass sits firmly on the site, the elegant yet consistent salt tolerant exterior accentuating its form, a collection of subtle external creases and internal folds. The built form aligns itself directly North, accepting the warming suns rays during winter. While in contrast, deflecting them when required, to allow a gentle illumination of the interior during the warmer summer months. The spatial layout takes full advantage of the sites connection to the ocean, an expansive deck cantilevers out towards the front boundary, conveniently positioned adjacent to the top living level pool that overhangs the entry to the car parking facilities. The restrained palette of the materials exude honesty and elegance, having been selected because of their unrivalled quality, no attempt has been made to hide or conceal with the majority of structural components and internal finishes delicately detailed through the need for them to be visually expressed.
James Robertson our client approached us with a brief that required a specific yet unconstrained outcome, a space that would accomodate the changing demographic in Sunshine Beach and a built form that was honest and refined both internally and externally. This has made for a thoroughly enjoyable project for us to work on, largely due to James’ love and depth of understanding of fine Architecture, and how it can enrich a persons life.

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