• 30 Jan - 2019

    Article for Landcare

    Please click here to read the article that landcare has published on our practice

  • 11 Dec - 2018

    Uluru 2018

    Uluru is an incredible site, an enormous monolithic rock protruding out from the flat red ochre soil. The rawness of the rock evokes feelings of power and stability, the smoothness of its surface exudes a softness and vulnerability.

  • 20 May - 2018

    UK 2018 Stonehenge, Glastonbury

    During the design process of the Copper Crystal Pyramid (which can be found within our projects section), we decided to take a short trip to the UK and visit some ancient megalithic and religious sites. Stonehenge is an incredible place,...

  • 24 Nov - 2017

    Our duplex in noosa news

    For the article recently printed in the Noosa News in relation to one of our exciting current projects please click here.

  • 26 Jan - 2017

    Article in Living Now magazine

    Check out our article in the latest edition of Living Now magazine entitled ‘the hidden power of architecture’ either in print or online by clicking here. It is undeniable that our surroundings affect us energetically. They can cause us to...

  • 1 Jan - 2017

    Hiking Cooloola & K’Gari

    We love getting out in the natural elements hiking whenever we get the chance. Our favourite local hiking track is the Cooloola - K'gari Great Walk, we also love taking a weekend to canoe up the upper Noosa River. Our...