Architecture Practice based in Sunshine Beach, Noosa

PRACTICE – Matthew Noffke graduated in 2010 with a Masters in Architecture, working for a number of Architects on the Sunshine Coast both during and after finishing his university degree. He followed by obtaining his Masters, then started his own practice in 2013. Adaption, ingenuity and resourcefulness are vital components of our practice. If given the time, every perceived obstacle can be balanced with a deliberately considered response.

PEOPLE – it's what is important to us that makes us count, an object, space, tool, anything at all, that is thoughtfully designed, that is skilfully put together, can bring a great deal of ease and happiness to a persons life. Something that is crude and rushed can hold a lifetime of negative effects. We believe that every detail, within every design, has the power to positively effect a persons life.

DESIGN – whether a brief calls for outcomes that are large and extravagant, or smaller and more intimate, we create unique and innovative designs that reflect our clients personalities.

COLLABORATION – access to our range of professional consultants will assist each project to run as fluently and efficiently as possible, from design through to construction.

LANDSCAPE – we go to great lengths to utilise, incorporate and emphasise a sites surroundings within each of our projects. Whether that is urban, rural or a natural landscape, all spaces should be designed to take full advantage or whatever features are available to them. A comfortable volume of sun to suit the season, a cooling directed breeze, a slither of a view or a perfectly complimented contour can all culminate to produce something exceptional.

CONTACT FOR – Residential + Multi-Residential + Commercial

Matthew Noffke
Masters in Architecture
Office (appointment only): 30 Seaview Terrace,
Sunshine Beach, QLD, 4567
Phone: (07) 5485 3635 or 0411 633 797
Mail: P.O Box 1054 Noosaville B.C, QLD 4566
Board of Architects Queensland
Registration #4823


What we specialise in and offer our clients


We love design, we love to design. To begin, we have a number of sharp pencils for conceptual work, followed by full Architectural computer software that not only produces accurate construction drawings, but also a live 3D computer model.

Interior Design

The interior of the our buildings are just as important as the exterior. We enjoy working through the finer details of our designs, as these are often the aspects of the building that our clients come into contact with on an everyday basis.


We enjoy making things. We are not builders, but occasionally if our clients require items or products that are not commercially available, we make them. We don't mind getting our hands dirty and love to learn how to work with different materials. Copper, glass, stone, metal, timber, clay are all materials that we are proficient at working with.

Construction Consultation

Carrying the design through the construction period is imperative, as this is where the hard work in design and detailing comes to fruition. Multiple trades including many tradesman all work together on a project, each often having a unique perception of the building. We work to try and create a positive team environment, with each trade working for the good of our clients and the project. This ensures the documents and details are carried through to the physical completion of the project.