20 May - 2018

UK 2018 Stonehenge, Glastonbury

During the design process of the Copper Crystal Pyramid (which can be found within our projects section), we decided to take a short trip to the UK and visit some ancient megalithic and religious sites. Stonehenge is an incredible place, the arrangement of such a large quantity of stone that has been set in alignment to numerous astrological events occurring throughout each year, combined with the sheer age of the site, Stonehenge creates its own almost unexplainable awe inspiring atmosphere drawing close to 1 million visitors a year. We visited the site a number of times, during different times during the day. As the light moved over the stone, its appearance not only drastically changed, but so did the atmosphere around the stone. Stone is such a simple material, yet its uneven surface creates such a dramatic play of light and shade, the way they have been placed exudes an elegance, a stability, only obtained through such a strong connection down into the earth.

Other sites visited with images shown below, the dramatic Glastonbury Tor at sunrise, Wells Cathedral, a beautiful astronomical clock at Wells Cathedral, St Michael’s Mount, and the waterfall at St Nectan’s Glen.